About Me

My name is Mike. I'm 33 years old, an electrical engineer by day, enjoy aviation and flying as a hobby.  Most importantly, I'm on fire for the Catholic (Universal) Christian faith.

My story is familiar to many. Cradle Catholic, received my sacraments, fell away after confirmation. I prayed for the Lord to return me to the Catholic faith after some 15 years away. He answered powerfully and I returned to the Church at Midnight Mass, December 24, 2007. (My Story) Yet, I was not prepared for the road ahead! Here, I will share the story of my return and my constant experiences in the faith. I will also include items in defense of the Catholic faith as I believe wholeheartedly that it is the Church that Christ founded and the only one that can trace itself back to the Apostles.

As I came back to the church, I realized how poorly many are catechized. I felt a call to learn about the faith, live it, explain it, and defend it. We're all called to know it. I currently enjoy helping teach Catechism, lectoring at Mass and doing what I can to share the faith.

All of the opinions I place here are my own, and have no bearing on any group, employer, church, etc which I may be affiliated with. I take responsibility for my words. Of course, if you feel I am in error anywhere on the site, please do comment as I am a humble servant, willing to be corrected. After all, we're all here for the truth.