Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Beauty of Marriage and Catholic Faith

I attended daily Mass yesterday evening. Aside from the fact that somewhere in the world, there is a Mass being held every hour of the day, I was reminded how the Church will stand always. But, last night reinforced what it stands for - proclamation of the truth, including the defense of the institution of marriage.

The local parish has three (yes, three) Masses daily. I opted for 5:15pm yesterday to end the workday. Before Mass started, the wedding coordinator blocked off one pew, which was odd for a weekday right before Mass. Turns out there was a renewal of vows ceremony. A couple from Mexico had married 30 years ago. If I got the story right, they had their honeymoon in the area and returned some 30 years later with their family to renew their vows. It was touching to see how this marriage upheld the dignity of life with the children and family present to witness it. The couple even had their coins and chain/rosary which were used at their wedding 30 years ago. A powerful reminder that marriage is a life long commitment (till death do us part) amidst today's divorce happy society.

I also thought how many non-Catholic churches usually exist while the pastor is alive or running it. That is, because the church is just that - 'A' church, not tied to an unbroken line of Apostolic succession. There is no Pope, no bishops, etc. The pastor is essentially his own Pope (CEO on the non profit paperwork). How many protestant churches marry people, then cease to exist (because the pastor dies or moves on) upon renewal of vows? I cherish the fact that I know the Catholic institution will be around till the end of time and that if I one day get married, there will be a Catholic church that I can renew vows in.

Lord, thank you for creating your church!

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