Recommended Resources

There are MANY books and resources that I would recommend to those who may be on the same path I was or are looking to strengthen their faith. Here are a some that I have found very useful. I'll add to the list and categorize as time goes on.

First off, I *highly recommend* having at least a Catechism and a Bible. The NAB (New American Bible) is what the church uses in the readings at Mass. The RSV (Revised Standard Version) is also good. Several others (like Douhey Reims) are said to be better literal translations. For a study bible, there is probably none other than the Ignatius New Testament RSV Study Bible. It's excellent. You'll find many opinions on what edition is the best,etc. When it comes to interpretation, always look to the church for answers and not on your own understanding. Also, ensure you have the COMPLETE bible with 73 books, and not the 66 the protestant bibles have.

One of the most instrumental books that helped put things in perspective as to the Catholic Church's teaching on the Eucharist was Jeff Cavins' "I'm Not Being Fed!". It shows that we are being "Fed" spiritually and in the Mass, along with how people feel that they are not being "entertained". Also, his "My Life on the Rock" is another great read. Also, "I'm Not Being Fed" is now available online to listen to for FREE.

While on a tour of Italy, the couple in front of me on the bus was reading a book titled "Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To". At first, I thought it was by a protestant author, however, it was from a Catholic author and the book turned out to not be what I thought it would be. It was a great resource into looking at prayer and how God answers in several ways.

Ever wonder where the bible came from? It didn't just fall from the sky. The Catholic church compiled all the writings to give us what we have today. Henry G Graham explains things well.

Patrick Madrid's series "Surprised by Truth" is a collection of conversion stories from individuals of many different spiritual walks. Great reads! A second and third edition of Surprised by Truth 2 and Surprised by Truth 3 are available too.

A wonderful story of how Scott Hahn and his wife Kimberly came to accept that the Catholic church is the one that Christ founded and how all of its teachings are biblical. Scott has MANY great books on the faith.