Sunday, January 16, 2011

If Starbucks marketed like a church...

Today, I lectored the 12 noon Mass at our church. It's probably the largest of the seven Masses held on a Sunday there. Stepping up to the ambo in front of some 800+ people can be an overwhelming feeling at first, but each experience provides me with a vivid insight of the church and leaves me with much mental imagery.

Having been a lector for 4 months now, I am fortunate enough to see and learn much more about the Mass than one typically gets from sitting in the pews. Instead of "going through the motions", I have to know more and more about the so called "motions". Each time I participate, I delve more deeply into the Mass. Scripture comes alive! The Mass is a beautiful thing and it doesn't need to be marketed. It markets itself! All of the thoughts in my head today reminded me of the following video, which I've been meaning to post. It's sad that non-Catholic churches go to extremes like the parody here to pull people in, trying to "Feed" them. Jesus didn't send direct mailers. Actions spoke louder than words or trumpeting in the streets.

Alas, no Eucharist they have to feed the flock.

As my post about "The Price is Right" discussed, actions should be done without trumpeting, and the church services don't need to be tailored to the people. We have to conform to the church.

Anyways, have you "Planted a Bean Today?"...

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