Saturday, January 29, 2011

Walk for Life West Coast 2011

Last weekend (January 22nd), I attended the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco. This is the second year in a row that I've gone and boy, is it empowering to be with some estimated 50,000 like minded people!

A panoramic view of the plaza for the kick off rally
(click for larger view)

While the event itself is amazing, the most profound moment of the day didn't come while I was at the walk in San Francisco. It came after the walk at an event that night.  I was at a function that evening when a friend there asked what I did that day. At first, I hesitated to say explicitly what I was doing, commenting just that I was in San Francisco. Of course, he asked what I was doing in San Francisco.  So, I then commented that I was at the Walk for Life, and was there sanding up for the dignity of life in all forms. His face said it all when we began to talk. He admitted of a girlfriend once having an abortion when he was young and how he went with her for the abortion procedure. That event changed his his mind about abortion. Today, when he sees any documentation of a date near the timeframe of this abortion, or meets someone around that age, he says "that could be my child".  


Let us all pray for an end to abortion and a common understanding about the dignity of human life at all stages.
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More photos... (click to enlarge)

It took us three hours to walk the entire route! It was packed with people the whole way and stretched for miles.

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